Asbestos removal service

Measures in case of sporadic work with very limited exposure

For some work that has a sporadic and where it is clear from the risk assessment of exposure to asbestos is very limited. Asbestos removal service expert will determine measures during repair and maintenance for which it is expected that the limit may be exceeded

When repairs or maintenance for which it is expected that the limit may be exceeded despite the use of technical preventive measures, further measures are imposed.

One of these additional measures is developing a work plan. This work plan is where the work is done and can be accessed.

Measures for demolition and removal of asbestos or materials containing asbestos

The Asbestos removal service will be charged with the demolition and removal which can be performed using one of three techniques below:

1. The technique of simple treatments

2. The method of bag sleeves

3. The method of the sealed zone

The choice of which technique to apply depends from a state to another in which there is asbestos and is in consultation with the prevention consultant occupational physician and with the prevention consultant expert in the field of safety or Asbestos removal service expert.

The last two techniques can be applied only by asbestos removal services licensed for this purpose.

For each of these techniques, the conditions under which they can be used, as well as specific prevention measures should be described in detail.

Worker training, responsible for demolition and asbestos removal, is wider than the standard training.

Prohibition to install solar panels on roofs containing asbestos-cement

The transformation of a roof containing asbestos in order to install solar panels, which undermines the integrity of asbestos cement and poses a risk of exposure to installers and probably later repairers also is contrary to the principles of the Federal Laws on the protection of workers against risks related to exposure to asbestos, and is implicitly prohibited by the AR.

Exposure to asbestos fibers from asbestos-containing objects that were installed and / or that were in operation before the entry into force of the ban on asbestos must indeed always be avoided or, if this is not possible, be minimized. Consciously focused on the activities of materials containing asbestos must always seek to minimize exposure to asbestos (in the short term by fixing it for example, and the long term by removing it) or identify the material (sample material).

Certificates "Asbestos-free 'and' Asbestos-safe"

Surrender to an employer license-free certificate of Asbestos and Asbestos-safe buildings to qualify is an initiative of a private nature which has no statutory basis under the well-being at work and namely Royal Decree (a European Anti- Asbestos organization) on the protection of workers against risks related to exposure to asbestos.


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